Sunday, January 20, 2002

Black asphalt

Check it out. I wrote this about a year ago and just found it.

Black asphalt,
Rips over dusty prairies and fields.
Plunges into canyons,
Carves up North America.
Electronic knife roars around thanksgiving roast.

Hot asphalt,
Saws into meaty enclaves of grass and stone.
Bridges over sunken rivers,
Infantile crayon scribbles on cave walls.
Wax peels off the clean space in the dining room.

Fat asphalt,
Smokes down in sleepy towns where older sisters wash the dishes.
Sizzles through living rooms,
Coffee spills on silk ties.
Stains blot delicate fabric, chemicals burn handmade cloth.

Dead asphalt,
Violates brush and furious seas.
Dives into dens and nests,
Birds and fawns stabbed in the womb,
Eggs smashed,
Hospital beds razed in forest fires,
Cribs crashed in the road,
Tar melts away finger nails...

As we ride, ride...

On black asphalt.

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