Sunday, January 06, 2002


Lay on your bedroom floor with eyes closed,
Clamped shut, block out, projector pictures flicker on the wall.
Papers rain down and a corner
Cuts your eye.
Reaches down through eyelash into delicate iris and cornea,
Slash up instruments with paper cuts,
Rakes across pupil and into egg white.
Blood shot, delirious eyelid flutters,
Opens one last time to see the pictures.
Red haze drowns out walls,
Pools around into a dank puddle,
Fuzzy hallucinations reach outwords.
Try to glance at everything around,
Try to fix the pictures as they fade,
Ram polaroid into your face...

Until red sea rises and you're thrown
into a closet.
Door crashes shut, smashes fingers in
the way.
Breaks digits, joints, and bones,
Run through claustrophobic corridors...
Strapped face down in a gasoline pot hole.

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