Sunday, March 10, 2002


ever set a house on fire just to watch it burn?
at first it's beautiful and it makes you think that life isn't all that bad. flames dance around and remind you of your childhood.

but then it hits you. you get burned. the flames gnaw on your inflammable clothes and scorch you. fuck up the right structure of your skin and jack you forever. you'll be a disfigured mess for the rest of your life. fuckers will spit at you and cover their kids' eyes when you come near.

but that's not even so bad until you hear them. yes, them. the voices of the little girls inside burning. they cry... partially because they're being devoured by heat and strangeled by fumes... but also because they'll never see their daddies and mommies again. parents just wake up in the morning to find that the babies that they loved are just...


and they're never coming back. you killed them. i hate people like you, people like me, people who fuck everything up, people who set fires they can't put out.

it's a quiet burning behind my eyes. feels like they need to close. they're shaking from the strain of being up for days. got cigarette burns all over your body and you know you need to sleep but you can't.

it's the damn screams of the people you burned.

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