Friday, March 08, 2002


feeling cold tonight. something's missing. every once and while i begin to think that i know what that is and i reach out for it. but i usually end up grabbing the wrong thing or, when it's the right thing, i second guess myself and lose it. people slip away.

i haven't written anything here for awhile. just thought i'd say something tonight because i feel so weird. nothing interesting to write. i'm not sure if i'm capable of producing stuff. it's not unique to tonight. it's just in general. it's my fault too. no one else is to blame. i've been given every possible oppurtunity, but i just don't care enough to make use of it.

i care about people... but i just don't know how to express that. :(

i know that no one reads this or cares about it, but don't expect to see anything for awhile. i'd far rather lay in the dark and sleep than think. it's just too damn cold.

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