Friday, November 08, 2002


Got the great idea to go read the books
way at the top of the cathedral,
the ones with pictures of smoking bob-haired women
without lipstick
on black and white covers
kept by the stone ledge.
Dropped a carton of fries in
the trash and jammed buttons with
a greasy thumb.
Got to the 11th floor and
elevator fell out from under me,
dissolved beneath ripped up plastic
shoes and I kicked skinny
legs in space.
Heard an old bearded man cry about
a grey painting i'd never seen as i went past
floor 10.
Halfway caught fuzzy glimpses of
woman shadows in the corners
of the 5th.
And I heard a quiet child's voice
in a quiet song my mom sang me to sleep with
when i was 4:
"Red and yellow and pink and green,
purple and orange and blue,
You can sing a rainbow, sing a rainb-"
Cut short and tape clicked out
when my head bashed into concrete
basement and fractured bones into metal floor,
splashed my spit all over homecoming posters
on the wall.

" can sing a rainbow too."

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