Sunday, November 17, 2002

still ill.

i stayed in bed all day today. i went out once to get some juice with vitamin C in it.

why did i stay in bed? i'm sick

but the word "sick" is a funny one. there's more than one connotation to it. perverts are sick. callous people are sick. violent people are sick. mentally ill people are sick.

yes. i have a cold

but i'm sick too. and that's my fault and my fault alone.
and i'm not trying to be cool. this isn't hip or sexy. you'd have to be a necrophiliac to get off on it. it's EVIL. it's WRONG and i'm changing it. i care too much about everyone to get down because of a... er... cold. yeah.
death is hip like MTV's hip. it's giving up. it's boring. it's everything i'm against. so fuck me. no more.

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