Saturday, April 24, 2004

A girl and a boy apart.

Thought I ate more today,
a little,
"Why did you
cut me?"
I was thinking about it but
the piece of skin went too deep.
Still... the biggest scar is a long time away.

Can't afford too much food,
I want to see a museum and I gotta goto bed,
But I wouldnt be surprised either way
that you're a phony in november,
Dont give a fuck a person
the incessant "im not in love with you"
that you and I believed...

"grow up
find another child to confuse"
it just kills me how I
thought it would make our faces closer,
but i just have
you crying afterwards
at the end of everything.

"i want to be next to you,
to forget Pittsburgh sleet while
I laugh you to sleep with my
offkey friday i'm in love"
but it's still the cheap
scent of vodka, the
you owe me
and contemplated conversation starters
that crumpled in the corner
while you shot fumes of Bacardi O
in the backroom
and I watched "Meet the Parents"
with a stranger...

i dont believe anything
i cant even touch you
its obvious anymore
you dont want me
or see me talking to me
as you saw in me once.
let me know when I
admire me
and I'll fly home in 10 days
to avert my eyes while we
embrace by the DIA baggage claim.

i no longer see in beauty anything i do.

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