Monday, March 28, 2005


I did something funny today.

I missed my Gender and the Philosophy of Science class last week so, as I was walking out of another class last week, my prof passed me in the hall and told me that she left the handouts that I was supposed to read for the next week on top of the filing cabinet outside her office. So I went straight to her office and found two large stacks of paper. Assuming that she had given out the hand outs to everyone else during class and that she had only left out the ones for me (as she did about a month or so ago), I took both stacks without looking at them.

Last night, after procrastinating all weekend, I decided to pick up the stacks and read them. "Wow," I thought, "this sure is a lot of stuff to read."

I then thumbed through the papers to see what kind of reading was in store for me.

The first one was about the phallogocentric way that some scientists interpret the interaction between sperm and eggs during procreation. I sighed a bit and flipped to the next article in the stack.

"Hm, that's interesting," I thought, "It's the same article."

A strange feeling radiated through my stomach as I flipped to the next article. I went through a whole stack of identical articles and realized that I'd not only taken my hand out, but had also taken *everyone else's* hand outs.

Ah shit. It turns out that the second stack was a set of identical copies of another article. If I had looked at the reading a few days sooner, I could have rectified this situation, but it was eleven o'clock the night before the reading was supposed to have been done.

So I showed up at class and found out that some other kid (who got to the stacks before I managed to steal all of the other copies) and I were the only ones who had done the assigned reading. I meekly admitted that I was responsible after I reasoned that my prof would have figured it out on her own, given that the stack vanished within minutes of my being informed of their location.

My teacher gave me this look that was somewhere between sheer confusion and exasperation for a few minutes straight while the whole class laughed at me. It was actually pretty funny.

Then she called off class. Apparently, there was no reason to even meet, given that no one knew a single thing about what we were supposed to talk about.

So, yeah, I'm responsible for derailing an entire class discussion. My professor (who is also my advisor) is pissed at me and probably thinks that I'm as dumb as a bag of clams. Oh well. It was pretty funny. I single-handedly sabotaged her lesson plans by accident and got an afternoon off in the process. Hopefully this doesn't nuke the difficult process of credit transferring she's doing on my behalf. Heh.


I dunno about the various strengths of the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces, but I think Italo disco, stout, and muenster cheese are as good of a proof of the anthropic principle as you'll ever find.

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