Wednesday, May 04, 2005

20 Songs.

Tonight is an island in a week of high stress chaos. The early week was devoured by furious cramming for my French final. That was quickly replaced by about 24 hours straight writing a paper about Davidson's perspective on metaphor and the implications that it had for the debate between Quine and Chomsky about whether language is reducible to a deep structure (probably not).

Today I got to go check my head, buy some records, and get a potato burrito at Big City. Apparently, I need to do more aerobic exercise and listen to more disco music to ward off brain damage. But I got some sweet old vinyl out of the deal: Cars, Adam Ant, Culture Club, and others.

Tomorrow I'm going to be up all night writing a paper about gender and the philosophy of science. I might just write something reactionary and rabidly pro-science just for the hell of it. We'll see.

This is fun: Put all of the music on your harddrive in Winamp, foobar, or whatever and play it on shuffle. Record the first 20 tracks.

1. Neotropic - Indie Electronica Comp - Aloo Gobi
Strange IDM. I don't really know the song or the artist that well. It was compiled by someone on a website I read.

2. Nurse with Wound and Aranos - Acts of Senseless Beauty - Bloodclots
I don't get a lot of Nurse With Wound, but when he teams up with a violinist who plays neo-Gypsy music, it's gorgeous.

3. Jean-Claude Risset - OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music - Mutations
Very academic. I'm starting to really get into early 60's electo-acoustic music and this is just what the doctor ordered

4. Coati Mundi - Mutant Disco 3: Garage Sale - Say Hey
Weird 80s dance music.

5. Scala - Dream On - Underneath it All
A European girls choir that covers pop tunes. Believe it or not, it's really, really good. Not just another terrible classical tribute to a rock artist. Gives me chills.

6. Akira Rabelais - Spellewauerynsherde - 1671 Milton Samson 1122
Cool combination of minimal electronics and traditional Icelandic fem. vox. Made Boomkat's top 50 of 2004 and something I fall asleep to quite often.

7. Nico - Chelsea Girl - These Days
Honestly, when I decided to this, I was hoping this song would come up. I love it. All the haters who don't like her voice and think it hurt VU & Nico are fools. Why did you have to die in a bike wreck?

8. Glifted - Under and In - Heavy Ion
Noisy shoegaze that I just downloaded. Don't know it well but I like the texture.

9. The Cure - Seventeen Seconds [Remastered] (Disc 2) - A Reflection (Live)
Just got the remasters of Faith, 17 Seconds, Pornography, and Three Imaginary Boys and they're making me fall in love with them all over again. Makes me want to mope around and crimp my hair again (or not...)

10. Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Proto-synth pop.

11. Scala - Dream On - Go Where I Send Thee
See above. Except this is a gospel song.

12. Lorna - Static Patterns and Souvenirs - Will You Still Love Me Yesterday?
Pretty obscure dream pop indie band. Melancholic.

13. Aural Exciters - Mutant Disco 3 - Maladie d'Amour
Getting lots of album repeats

14. Mum - Yesterday Was Exciting, Today is Okay - There is a Number of Small Things
More IDM. This is making me want to fall asleep.

15. Fennesz - Venice - Laguna
Another boomkat album. Much rockier than the others.

16. Sweet Connection - [Absolutely no idea what album] - Heart to Heart
Ohh yeah. Italo disco. Catchiest pop music ever conceived.

"Heart to heart... oh I do love you... soul to soul to carry my love."

It's enough to give you a giddy, diabetic seizure.

17. Sens Unik - La Haine OST - Le Vent Tourne
Awesome French Hip Hop with a really sweet horn sample.

18. The White Noise - An Electric Storm - Firebird
More early electronic music. This time with vocals that actually have a rather nice pop melody to them.

19. Maryanne Amacher - OHM: Early Gurus of Electronic Music - Living Sound, Patent Pending Music for Sound - Joined Rooms Series
Sensing a theme?

20. The Conet Project - The Conet Project - tcp d1 4 phonetic alphabet nato irdial
Haha. It's a random numbers station recording. Strangely enough, this is the sample that christened a very popular Wilco album: "Yankee... Hotel... Foxtrot." Creepy as fuck.

With that, I'm going to sleep.

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