Sunday, May 29, 2005

Officially sanctioned misogyny

Today, in the "How much more fucked up can they get department," we have the Republican majority in the House blocking two amendments that would have provided the morning after pill and made an exception to the ban on federal funding for abortions for womn in the military who have been sexually assaulted.

I guess I can understand why someone would oppose the second amendment if they thought that all abortion was wrong (even though it seems fucked up to force that upon someone who has been raped, especially when the fetus in question is usually nothing more than a tiny, non-sentient bundle of cells), but why in god's name would they oppose the morning after pill? Contrary to popular assumption, the morning after pill doesn't abort a fetus. It's merely a high dose of birth control prevents the sperm from being implanted in the egg.

That prevents conception, meaning that these jackasses can't claim to be protecting life. If anything, effective administration of the morning after pill eliminates the need for abortions, which, according to the anti-choice argument, should be saving lives by preventing them from being created in the first place. The only way that you could think of the morning after pill as being "murder" is if you are under the bizarre impression that all eggs and sperm are living individuals, in which case masturbation, wet dreams, condoms, regular methods of birth control, and even unprotected sex (in which tons of sperm fail to fertilize an egg) are veritable killing fields.

Somehow, I don't think that religious conservatives are all ready to go that far. For some reason, their advocacy stops short of infringing on their own rights, preferring to limit it restrictions upon womn who have been abused. Some of these conservatives are the kinds of people that are threatened by womn even having jobs or being in the military in the first place. So it shouldn't be very surprising that their misogyny allows them to look the other way as growing numbers of service womn are sexually abused on a yearly basis.

In other news, Bush's position on contraception is so obvious that his press secretary won't tell us what it is, even a WND reporter.

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armiger armiger said...

i know how you feel, CO gov. Owen devoted the amendment that would require hospitals to provide "information" of morning after pill to rape victim when they arrive. So not even the information! he is a Roman Catholic and felt like the amendment would put "unnecessary pressure" to Catholic Hospitals.

before coming to this country, i always think religion is like a bedroom issue that you don’t usually talk to everybody. you only talk about it to your circle of friends. asking me whether i believe in god is the same as asking me if i leave my lights on when i have sex. but not here, not in the US, at least not in CO and WY.