Thursday, May 12, 2005

Up and Running.

The new site seems to be up and running. I finally ditched the old index and linked it over here. Most of the bugs should be ironed out, although I still need to clean some stuff up (might be a never ending task given that I only have a limited background in html and pretty much zero experience with mysql, php, etc.) and personalize the site. Maybe make a banner image or something.

At first I thought that blogspot was a cliche, but then I smacked myself and said, "You have a site on Geocities for god's sake!" Can't really go anywhere but up from that. This is nice because it makes updating easier, organizes archives in a more user friendly fashion, and doesn't have lots of ads cluttering the pages.

With that, I think I'll listen to Vitalic's recent OK Cowboy album and drink some scotch.

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