Thursday, May 26, 2005

Uzbekistan madness

As long as the U.S. continues to give aid to a nation like Uzbekistan that commits gruesome torture as has been consistently described by a number sources, Bush's remarks about spreading human rights and democracy are a farce. HR violations are cool with the administration, provided they support our crackdown on global terror, promote stable access to resources, and make it seem like the administration is doing something about radical Islamists.

The tortured man in question had his teeth smashed out, his finger nails pulled out, and had marks consistent with having his body thrown into boiling water. The Uzbek government is claiming that his death was caused by having tea poured on him by other inmates. Are they fucking serious?

When his mother sent his horrific autopsy photos out via the British embassy, she was sentenced to hard labor for attempting to overthrow the central government.

But it gets worse, not only do we give Uzbekistan money for its shocking anti-terror campaign, but we also export our own terror suspects there so they can be, you guessed it, tortured.

This, in combination with the stomach churning reports from Afghanistan a few days ago, torture of US citizens by Pakistani officials, and the mysterious disappearance in the system of Jose Padilla, an American national who's criminal charges border on the absurd make me a little goddamn cynical about Bush's claims to be trying to liberate the Earth from tyranny.

Remember all of the song and dance that we had about liberating the womn of Afghanistan? After years and years of not giving a shit about it, conservative ideologues suddenly became concerned with their liberation for a brief moment of time. Now that everyone has moved onto Iraq and conveniently forgotten about the Afghani womn, things can return back to the way they were. Who the hell knows how we'll have forgotten about Iraqi citizens in the next few years? Just wait for them to become politically expendable and all of this hand-wringing about rape rooms and Saddam putting people though plastic shredders will be conveniently forgotten about in time for the next faux democracy conquest. Maybe we'll be in some place like Uzbekistan, acting as if we've always been concerned about their humn rights violations, acting as if we'd never supported their evil shit in the first place. This is the new sound...

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