Monday, June 27, 2005


Reading about chemtrails.

You really have to hand it to some of these people. At least this stuff is kind of creative, even if it's a bit out of wack.

My favorite part is where the author uses the increased incidence of worldwide drought over the last few years as evidence that chemtrails are being used for nefarious purposes:
Generally, spraying increases as clouds build. Chemtrails may be the reason that over half the world and over half the U.S. have been experiencing drought for the past 2 years. Witnesses have reported watching chemtrails fall through cumulus clouds, leaving the real clouds "skinny" and within a few minutes totally gone. Typically, storm clouds build and mix with the chem ingredients, resulting in a grey, uniform "mucky" sky which doesn t rain. The real clouds disappear, leaving behind the chem formations which were on top of the storm system.
But if you look at the previous paragraph, you may find an off hand reference to a somewhat more likely and evidenced explanation:
Edward Teller's (inventor of the hydrogen bomb) proposal to reduce global warming to the U.S. involves spraying minute aluminum particles to deflect the sun s harmful ultraviolet rays but still allow the Earth s heat to rise through them. This seems to be supported by rainwater tests after heavy spraying in Espanola, Canada which contained 7 times the allowable limit of aluminum. In this instance, the areas with the least ultraviolet protection, as in the Southwest, would be the heaviest sprayed. Most often, this does not seem to be the case.
Anthropogenic climate change? Don't be silly. It's much more likely that there's a planetary conspiracy encompassing hundreds of thousands of scientists, politicians, and aviators.

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