Monday, June 13, 2005

Hotel Rwanda.

Just finished watching Hotel Rwanda.

What a grueling and horrifying thing to watch. I fucking hate humanity. I don't understand how people can want to bring children into a world that produces shit like genocide and war. Between that and my readings about what happens in the periphery of nuclear detonations, I feel hopeless. I don't know what I, as a person, can do to change shit like this.

Good job, colonial Europe. Way to set different peoples against each other, draw artificial borders, and then turn your head the other way when it results in instability and mass slaughter.

And guess what's going on the world right now? More fucked up genocide. But does anyone in power care? It took us a long time to even refer to it as genocide and we sure as shit don't care about doing anything to stop it. We're too concerned with getting back at what Hussein did twenty years ago to do anything about atrocities that are happening right now.

We looked the other way when Hussein actually gassed the Kurds. We opposed doing anything about the Rwandan genocide. Most of the people with power and money in America just don't give a fuck. So long as we can get the newest X-Box game, stare at American Idol, and stress out about Michael Jackson, we're comfortable and we can pretend that bullshit like this doesn't happen. And I fucking do that too, which really bothers me.

I need a drink.

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