Friday, June 24, 2005

How much more can we take?

I wonder how much more these people will get away with.

Italy judge orders arrest of 13 CIA agents who kidnapped people with the intent of shipping them off to Egypt where they could be tortured.

US acknowledges that tortue occurred at Gitmo, Iraq, and Afghanistan

This is sick and no one cares. As long as we're a little better than Nazis, it's okay. And people who make such hyperbolic claims are also doing a disservice by allowing pundits to play their bullshit equivalency game. Why can't we agree that the people funded by our taxes should be above this kind of atrocity. Yeah, it's certainly not as bad as anything Stalin did, but, for some strange reason, I expect us to be better than one of the most evil dictators of the twentieth century. My bad.

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