Thursday, June 16, 2005

I hate to say "I told you so" but...

What a surprise. Terri Schiavo's autopsy revealed that not only had she not been abused, but that there was zero hope of her recovering, that she had no cognitively meaningful brain function, and that she was blind, something that reveals how fraudulent that tape of her tracking a balloon really was. The very fact that Congress attempted an egregious breach of the separation of powers based on evidence that has repeatedly been shown to be bullshit is a travesty. At least the right side won this time.

Yet somehow, I doubt that Frist and the rest of his perverse culture of life will be ready to join the rest of us in the Reality Based Community. I'm sure they'll dismiss this as being more secular, liberal humanist "science." In much the same manner as Creationists or global warming skeptics, they'll ignore existing evidence in the pursuit of their self-righteous delusions. I'm sure they actually believe that there's a grand conspiracy to cover up Schiavo's murder, encompassing all qualified medical personel and courts in the state of Florida. Why everyone would work so hard to kill someone as insignificant as Terri Schiavo is still kind of a mystery, but it's not often that the ridiculous nature of a stupid conspiracy theory does much to convince its believers of how asanine it is. All of the idiots on talk radio will continue to believe that she was murdered, no matter how much evidence contradicts that position because they're not interested in what really happened. We all know that.

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