Sunday, June 19, 2005

Strange highs and strange lows.

I'm reading a report by the Nuclear War Effects Project Advisory panel, headed up by David S. Saxon, titled "The Effects of Nuclear War" from May 1979 and, in the middle of descriptions of the health ramifications of radiation sickness, burns, asphyxiation, cancer, and shock waves killing people by throwing them out of windows or into flying buildings, I find the following:
Not all changes, however, would be for the worse. Some new patterns of living would promote public health. There would be fewer auto, aircraft, and boating accidents. More people would walk or bicycle, increasing exercise.
I may be vaporized because I live within the lethal radius of a bunch of important US missile silos, but at least there will be fewer boat crashes and more granola eating hippies who listen to horrible jam bands like Phish and dedicate their lives to weaving hemp jewelry. I don't think you even realize how reassuring that is.

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