Friday, July 01, 2005

The Conspiracy of Silence

I'm reading about the Conspiracy of Silence and it's, to put it lightly, a little strange.

It's an allegedly covered up story about a child sex ring put on by high ranking officials in Washington. Supposedly, child prostitutes (who may have been abducted) were provided to orgies involving congresspeople, foreign dignitaries, and other public officers and most attempts to publicize it in the media were subsequently quashed. Some accusations even connect the ring to Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and other high ranking people in the federal government.

Sen. Decamp (R-NE Nebraska state Senate) has a book about the thing titled The Franklin Coverup.

Oddly enough, a lot of the research about this story comes from two source at which you'd normally roll your eyes: Free Republic and the Washington Times. It's only interesting because these scandals implicate people who would normally be seen as the ideological allies of these publications. But then again, it's not unheard of for freepers to be so paranoid of the government that they even distrust conservative politicians.

Part of this seems a little too well documented to be entirely false. But part of it also reeks of really bad conspiracy theories, like the Vince Foster nonsense propagated by Moral Majority and NWO wackos with little to no real world substantiation. If you read a little bit into the Franklin Coverup literature, you're bound to find some really absurd conspiranoia crap, such as connections to Jeff Gannon and accusations of a connection to Satanic Ritual Abuse, which have a really bad reputation for being pure bullshit.

Edit: It looks like there's a Hunter connection too. Some people are claiming that Thompson was working on an expose of child sex rings in D.C. before he died. Some even think he got "suicided." It's too bad there isn't a better examination of this by credible media, because this is a little hard to swallow. I really hope people aren't misrepresenting about Hunter Thompson for this because that would be really fucked up.

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