Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I'm trying to push strange Germanic and Greek letters around a tattered sheet of white paper covered with eraser and pencil smudges between imaginary domains of objects and sentences in an artificial language, trying to prove that human systems of logical and mathematical thought are complete and sound while Kurt Gödel holds a gun to my temple. The little switch blade of lead at the end of my gray mechanical pencil keeps snapping and all I can think about is how dopey his thick black glasses are.


Lorri said...

In high school. I only wanted you to like me. You never even acknowledged me. That hurt.

But it doesnt matter now. I just wonder why?

deathdrive83 said...

I had no idea that you wanted anything to do with me. I was pretty awkward and scared of everyone at the time (hell, I still am), and kind of just assumed that most people didn't care what I thought about them. I've had issues with pushing people away because there's something terrifying about having someone like me and I'm still dealing with that.

I'm sorry that I was cold to you. You always seemed like a cool person and I never meant to hurt you.

Lorri said...

Its totally cool. I just, this seems odd, but I am working things out with myself. And that was something that I always wondered.

For me, I thought if only I was prettier/thinner/smarter you would like me.

I was in bad shape. Its better that there never was anything.

By the way. I care.