Friday, February 10, 2006


Then time will come to an end, and there will be a new start for the world. Saoshyant will raise the dead, and Ahura Mazda will marry body to soul. First to rise will be Gayomart, the first fire-priest; then Mashya and Mashyoi, our mother and father, then the rest of humanity. They will come back across the Cinvat Bridge from the joys of heaven or the horrors of hell, wherever their acts and their consciences have sent them.

Even those who have killed a dog will come, although—because dogs go out at night to battle the creatures of the evil spirit—anyone who kills a dog kills his own soul for nine generations, and cannot cross the Cinvat Bridge until he atones for his sin.

The bridge is wide for the faithful, but it is as narrow as a needle for the sinner. All the metal in the mountains of the world will melt, making the earth flat again. But also each man and woman will pass though the stream of molten metal and emerge purified. Those who were faithful to Ahura Mazda and lived a holy, creative, generous, productive life will feel that they are walking through warm milk. But those who were seduced by Angra Mainyu will suffer terrible agony as all their sins are burned away.
The universe came into being by accident.
The distribution of forces that enabled our planet to form happened by accident.
Humans evolved by accident.
We were born by accident.
We'll all die by accident.
Our species will go extinct by accident.
Our universe will be extinguished by accident.

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