Friday, May 19, 2006

Dean reaching out to heterosexists.

Washington Blade Online

Dean appeared on the 700 Club to boast about the DNC's non-existent platform opposing gay marriage:
The Democratic Party platform from 2004 says marriage is between a man and a woman. * That's what it says. I think where we may take exception with some religious leaders is, that we believe in inclusion, that everyone deserves to live with dignity, and respect, and that equal rights under the law are important.
Of course, later the DNC clarified that Dean's statement was incorrect and the comment was withdrawn.

The thing that bothers me is his motivation for saying it, even if it's not true. Even if you fucked up and thought that the platform was anti-gay marriage, why would you use that as a reason to convince people to join the party? If you accidentally thought that the platform defined marriage as a union of two people of the same race and used that as a reason that racists should join the party, people would rightfully be pissed, even if it was an accident. In the same fashion as Falwell and Robertson's backpedaling after their 9/11 comments, the question isn't over what the policy actually says or whether he later apologized for it, but of what impulse caused him to say it in the first place.

What the fuck...

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