Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ron Paul is a reactionary sack of shit.

I am sick of people acting like Ron Paul is some sort of maverick Republican who is out to save individual liberties and the US Constitution. I understand that he gets little coverage because he has no chance of winning the nomination, but it would be nice if his occasional appearances on programs like the Daily Show wouldn't gloss over how batshit insane he is. Yeah, opposing the occupation of Iraq and the Patriot Act is cool, but no one ever talks about some of his abhorrent political stances:

He voted against divesting federal funds from companies that directly contribute to the genocide in Darfur (there isn't even a good "free trade" defense of this action... it's the federal government's prerogative to determine who it trades with. Isn't that how the sacred "free market" is supposed to correct for things like genocide?)

He wants to prevent federal courts from hearing First Amendment cases.

He doesn't think the Bill of Rights applies to the states (awesome civil libertarian there).

He put out a newsletter featuring explicitly racist statements.

He claims that abortion is a states rights issue but voted in favor of a federal ban on the safest means of late-term abortions.

He supports replacing the military with mercenaries via letters of marque (oh, you thought there was too little oversight over American human rights abuses now? Wait until private firms with zero oversight are running the game).

He wants to abolish the federal reserve and revert to a gold standard.

He honestly thinks that secular society is out to destroy Christianity and that the War on Christmas is a legitimate concern.

He wants to limit the FDA, allowing private groups with profit-driven conflicts of interest to fill the void.

His votes regarding gay rights are disgusting: he has opposed gay adoption and marriage.

He thinks the Establishment Clause only prevents the formation of a federal church and has no problem with any other kind of establishment.

His approach to education would allow local school districts to teach pseudo-science like creationism.

He opposes federal funding for stem cell research (I guess forcing people to fund research on embryos is unethical but forcing them to fund the mass slaughter of Sudanese is cool).

He opposes state support for family planning and meaningful sex education.

It makes little sense for genuine libertarians to back Paul and it definitely makes no sense for leftists to be sympathetic to the guy. He's a reactionary religious fundamentalist who longs for Christian dominance of the nation, doesn't give a shit about abuses of civil liberties, and could care less about the feds funding genocide in Darfur. Fuck him.


Khristi Lauren said...

passionate! i feel you. why have i never heard of this guy? perhaps i'm living in a box.

deathdrive83 said...

It's because he's polling somewhere around 0%. It's pretty much just internet nerds that like him and I'm probably a nerd for even knowing about it.