Sunday, August 03, 2008


I don't know why I never got into Afrobeat before, but it's sick stuff. Really funky beats and fun improvisation. Good music for the Summer or for when you want to feel good in spite of all of the messed up stuff that's going on around us.

I've been listening to these albums and want to get more:

Fela Kuti & Afrika '70 - Zombie
Fela Kuti & Afrika '70 - Opposite People + Sorrow Tears and Blood
Fela Kuti - The '69 Los Angeles Sessions
Fela Kuti - Yellow Fever/Na Poi
Chicago Afrobeat Project - Self-titled (they have a newer album I haven't heard)
Geraldo Pino & the Heartbeats - Afro Soco Soul Live
Geraldo Pino - Let's Have a Party
Various Artists - Nigeria Disco Funk Special

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