Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm so sick of this "racism is irrelevant" bullshit

We now live in bizarro world, where pointing out the obvious racial context of this election is racist, even though Republicans have been playing on racial fears for decades. Apparently, the most racist thing you can do in America these days is to point out that racism exists. If you think it's a coincidence that all of the faces on our money are white, you are lying to yourself. Obama faces serious challenges in running as the first black candidate of a major party and pretending that they don't exist is ridiculous.

Obama is facing a clear double-standard. The very fact that he's black means that he has to stay away from focusing on race, even when doing so is appropriate, for fear of being labeled "uppity" or a "dangerous black man." McCain, meanwhile, is free to spout off racial epithets like "gook" and no one cares. He can use imagery that is racially charged, as in his ad juxtaposing Obama with Britney and Paris, but if anyone point that out, they are decried for being the real racists. But if Obama even suggests that his race may be used against him, it sets of a storm of controversy.

McCain faced racist attacks, himself, in 2000, and he wasn't even black. Now he has hired people associated with Bush's political campaigns and he's surprised that people are preparing for racially charged attacks? If he were honest, he would acknowledge his party's legacy of racism and vow not to repeat it. But he won't, because acknowledging that it exists would reveal the elephant in the room and take away one of his best means of defaming Obama.

What was the devil's greatest trick, again?

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