Friday, January 20, 2012

Romney's Class War

Someone must be getting a little sleep deprived:
Lemme tell ya something. America is a great nation, because we’re a united nation and those who are trying to divide the nation as you’re trying to do here and as the president is doing are hurting this country, seriously. The right course for America is not to divide America, and try and divide us between one and another, it’s for us to come together as a nation. And if you’ve got a better model, if you think China is better, or Russia is better, or Cuba’s better, or North Korea’s better, I’m glad to hear all about it. But you know what? America’s right, and you’re wrong!
Romney said this in response to someone who had the audacity to ask what someone in the 1% would do for the 99%.

I'm not surprised a Republican presidential candidate would say this, but usually Romney does a better job of concealing his outright hostility to the unwashed masses. The issue of the class divide is a lot like racism in America: even if inequality exists, you are the problem if you dare to point it out.

The fact is that the US is already and has always been divided. Does anyone dispute the actual data? It's not just the growing gap between the rich and the poor, it's the growing barriers to economic mobility. People born to lower class parents are much less likely to be able to move upward than in other industrialized nations. A variety of policies systemically favor the rich in the United States and permit them to exploit labor and resources, avoid progressive taxation, utilize labor in nations with substandard labor, environmental, and human rights laws (such as China, the one that Romney thinks the questioner would prefer), and provide them with special access to the policy making process.

The policies Romney supports continue to "divide us between one and another." He just doesn't want anyone to point that out.

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